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Hello I'm Dan Raynham. I am the Fitness Scientist

Dan Raynham
Founder of The Fitness Scientists

Hi there, I'm The Fitness Scientists' founder. We ADORE assisting folks in achieving better health. My goal is to obtain a PhD in the field of acute exercise epigenetics before I turn 107 years old. My fitness goals include breaking world records, so I attempt to push the envelope.I have expertise in both the creative arts and biological science. I am a single parent of three children, and I'm constantly scouting the cosmos!


In my life, I've gone through some difficult situations. I make a lot of effort to use these experiences to strengthen my empathy, compassion, and physical fitness. My own development has given me more clarity to assist others.

At The Fitness Scientists, research, science, and practical outcomes come first. We debunk the myths behind the "snake-oil" sales of diet, exercise, and health fads that promise quick fixes but aren't supported by reliable research.

I hope you will travel with us to improved health; feel free to reach out to us at any moment for free guidance!


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