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Hello I'm Dan Raynham. I am the Fitness Scientist

Dan Raynham
Founder of The Fitness Scientists

Hi, I am the founder of The Fitness Scientists. We LOVE helping people get healthier.  Before I reach 107 years old I would l like a PhD studying the epigenetics of acute exercise. I try to push boundaries in my fitness pursuits including breaking world records. My background is in biological science and the creative arts. I am a single parent to 3 under 7 year olds and I am always exploring the  universe!


I have experienced some challenging events in my life. I work hard to channel these events into helping myself become as empathetic, compassionate and physically fit as I possibly can. This personal growth allows me to help others with a greater degree of clarity.

At The Fitness Scientists we prioritise study, science and practical results. We myth-bust the 'snake-oil' sales of quick fix fitness, diet trends, health fads, magic potions and pills that have no grounding in solid research. 

I hope you can join us on a journey to better health, contact us for free advice at any time!


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