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Make fasting easier with these tips!

Updated: Sep 18

I will keep this brief and to the point no waffles! Sorry I mentioned food, not helpful! Fasting techniques are rooted in biological survival strategies for early humans and all animals in the wild. The science backs it up big-time. All of these strategies and tactics are general and from my own experience. Fasting has been understudied in female populations and there are subtle differences. I suggest reading books like Fast like a girl by Dr Mindy Pelz. For all the points below be mindful of where you are in your menstrual cycle.

Dan Raynham Intermittent fasting strategy
YES! it is over! Cosmos! This tastes good! Like nothing I have ever experienced!


1) Choose the busiest days in your diary to fast. You don't want to be twiddling your thumbs or trying to relax when fasting. Trust me it's pants! Plan activities to get you to your goal.

2) Finish eating as early as possible the day before. e.g. finish at 6pm. Then you only have to make it to 12 noon the next day for a solid 18 hour fast.

3) Don't watch TV with lots of food references! 🤣😵

4) Always let people around you know you are fasting.

5) If fasting makes your mood degrade, do it on your own. If you cannot do it on your own, please think about those around you!

6) Start off with short fasts. Build up.

7) If it's even possible for any lucky people out there....have a lie in on the day of your fast.

8) Make sure your first meal (actual breakfast, not the made up Kellogg's one) is ready for the time you planned to finish.

9) Exercise hard! You will amplify the effects of the fast massively! It also helps pass time.

10) Drink caffeine it will amplify the effect and pass time. Black tea or coffee.

I am a massive fan of diet fizzy drinks when fasting.

Dan Raynham intermittent Fasting strategy.
Drink the coffee. Don't eat the ******* cookie! Damn you accompanying cookie in my generic photo.

11) Drink lots of water.

12) Maybe plan a massive meal after. The food experience is literally incredible after a fast! To quote one of my heroes Anthony Bourdain "For a dinner date, I eat light all day to save room, then I go all in: I choose this meal and this order, and I choose you, the person across from me, to share it with. There's a beautiful intimacy in a meal like that".

13) If fasting does not suit you well, try doing short ones.


1) If you attempt a 24 hour fast cash in with a subsequent 18 hour fast:

e.g. finish eating at 6pm Saturday. Complete the 24hr fast then start eating like a banshee at 6pm Sunday, until you are about to go pop. You should be finished eating by 7pm. Hold out until 1pm Monday. 18 hours will seem easy after doing the 24 hour fast.

2) Train really, really hard. I mean super-crazy hard! In the morning during your fast.

I will add more stuff as I experience it! Please let me know any useful strategies you have used!

Please contact me directly for media enquiries, academic enquiries, questions and links to research paper's. Thank you! ©️ 2021 Dan Raynham.


Don't fast if you have a history of eating disorders. If you’re pregnant, diabetic or have low blood pressure.

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