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Six Guidelines for Optimal Peak Health and Exceptional Fitness

Updated: Mar 15

Hello! That's me in the park aged 47, smashing out flying superman push up burpees, at the end of a 50 minute scored sequence.

I was having my car washed the other day, and the person manning the car wash inquired, "How do you keep looking the same?" I initially believed he was referring to my limited clothing (which is laughably modest). "I am like a cartoon character who has 2 drawers with just T-shirts and some shorts," I stammered back. He said, "No, no, no, your body!" That interaction prompted me to sit back and reflect about how I do it. Keeping in mind that I was never into fitness or sports growing up. I was always last at cross-country!

These six points are not the details, but the substance of my athleticism. This way of life has served me well for the past 16 years, with only the occasional twinge or ailment. I've unofficially broken fitness world records. I'm convinced that the rules will work for you as well. However, you may wish to add a rule or two to accommodate your own distinct personality, medical circumstances, and life experience. I also fully recognise the severe degrees of suffering, both medical and mental, that may make any or all of these impossible. I also understand how difficult it may be to train when you're sick, tired, stressed, or just feeling bad. We all need to take breaks from time to time, so listen to your body!Obviously, this is from a male perspective, in which everything is easier. Consider where you are in your menstrual cycle when answering the questions below.





Bad times


1) Fasting.

I fast every day. Technically, we all do. BREAK-FAST happens whenever you decide to eat that day. It isn't because Mr Kellogg, your employer, school, or someone with no scientific knowledge of diet advises you to. In fact, lunch, dinner, and brunch are all modern conceptions that may not be physiologically optimal!

I fast for at least 14 hours every day, practically every day of the year. Refer to my fasting-related articles.

I keep a careful check on my calorie consumption, but not rigorously. I'm not too concerned about what I eat, but I do strive for a balanced diet. These days, I think about the environmental impact of my food. I do not deprive myself of exquisite and lovely foods just because personal trainers, celebrities, and some media outlets say it's bad for me. Most gym enthusiasts would undoubtedly be disgusted by my diet.

2) Quality over quantity.

My goal is to remain at elite or peak fitness with the least amount of training. You did indeed read that accurately! To maintain my current level of fitness, I shouldn't work out more than is necessary because doing so would waste time and maybe put stress on my body. Unless, of course, you really love it! I train pretty hard and intensely. My level of fitness is therefore far higher than typical for my age group.

It's all science and maths baby!...oh and commitment. I guess that's maths as well!

I use the following to accomplish this:

Optimal mixture of training. No one activity or workout regimen prepares for "peak fitness."

Using plyometric (rapid explosive), dynamic (standard), and isometric (still) motions to activate all types of muscle fibres. I see to it that each of these is included in predetermined workout routines. Each is a component of the total.

Most workouts should incorporate explosive power, power, aerobic, strength, stamina, and endurance. Each is a component of the total.

I make a lot of effort to keep my perception of myself and muscle size in check. Peak fitness has nothing to do with this! This is a very painful area for a lot of people, sometimes associated with eating disorders and other issues. We must use caution to stay away from this route. I did take this route for a while, but it only does harm. We must also take into consideration people whose experiences in life have shaped their way of living.

3) Priority.

One of my top three priorities in life are fitness. It determines everything about my well-being. Consequently, this influences how I engage with the outside world and the people within it.

Six life rules guide for ultimate fitness health training success
No matter what your situation, training has to be near top priority.

For instance.

- My capacity as a single parent to engage in constructive play and interaction with my three kids. I'm probably as physically fit as a parent my age can be.

- My capacity to save a life or prevail in a situation requiring strength in an emergency.

- My capacity to motivate people.

- The splendour of having optimal energy and immune system function every day, etc.

- I relish meals more now.

I feel more confident now to handle social settings.

The list goes on and on.

Exercise has the power to save and transform lives from drug addiction, jail, mental health issues, and low self-esteem.

4) Learning - Always researching. Only science.

I read and study biology, biochemistry, genetics, health, and other indirectly related subjects. Every time, I double-check my sources in preparation for more investigation. I also follow my own advice. I test my own theories on myself because I can't do it in a lab till I have the funds to do so! Studying science enables you to reason logically. This rationale removes the unnecessary and promotes health and life advancement.

Six life rules guide for ultimate fitness health training success
Health and fitness is no longer the domain of the high school jock!

5) Bad times - train through them.

Despite illness, injury, aches and pains, accidents, mental health problems, trauma, and life changes, I make a concerted effort to maintain my fitness training, even though it can be extremely difficult at times.

For instance.

-I trained despite having severe spine and chest injuries from a vehicle accident.

-I was afraid of the worst when my newborn daughter was admitted to the hospital due to bronchiolitis. I continued to train every day despite having a serious chest illness. It was quite difficult to complete. I emerged from the experience more resilient and prepared for the battle ahead.

-Just one hour after my mother passed away, I exercised.

-With a newborn in tow following my divorce, I diligently trained to overcome anxiety and despair.

By means of advanced exercise, all the biochemical stress that events such as these brought me was/is being biologically processed in a fight-or-flight response.

6) Minimalist - equipment and location requirements.

It's fantastic if you use a gym, but make sure you have a plan in place for times when you can't or don't feel like going. For instance, COVID closures, sickness, money, avoiding disease, time constraints, etc.

Six life rules guide for ultimate fitness health training success
Baby gym!

I don't go to gyms because of the high expense and limited time. This has lead me to a low-cost, effective, and frequently exciting alternative. I use simple light-to-medium hex dumbbells. A slam ball, pull-up bar and mat. That concludes my home workouts! I keep them in my car (aside from the bar) so I can do the same workouts outside whenever I feel like it. It's thrilling and beneficial for the mind. I use the outdoors to incorporate short to medium runs, sprints, crawls, broad jump burpees, and other exercises into my workouts.

Bag bicep curls (dynamic) toddler grip (isometric)...joke...or is it?

I also use playground equipment, such as steps, rocks, and bricks. A little like Rocky! Indoors or outdoors, whatever works for the day. Be creative!

To reiterate:





Bad times


I hope this candid look at my own experience might benefit you, even if only a little!


Don't fast if you have a history of eating disorders. If you’re pregnant, diabetic or have low blood pressure.

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